Watch Dogs Legion’s first content update lets you control minds and drop sick beats

Oh, well hello there, Watch Dogs Legion. It’s been a while since we last heard from Ubisoft’s open-world hacking game – the last big news was the delayed arrival of its online multiplayer mode on PC in March. Well, today Watch Dogs Legion got its first post-launch content update, which adds new operatives to recruit, new co-op missions, and new abilities, but saves the really wacky stuff for season pass holders.

Title Update 4.0 weighs in at just under 20GB on Ubisoft Connect, and there’s quite a bit to it. On the free side, players will see new DJ and first responder professions, each with their own new sets of skills. First responders have a deployable AR shield that protects their group from incoming attacks and gunfire. DJs get a soundwave that shocks surrounding enemies and provides a buff to nearby teammates.

The patch also introduces the ability to customise your characters’ hair and body art, which is a nice addition – DedSec has a very specific aesthetic, but you want to be able to express yourself a bit within that chrome skull-and-neon-gas-mask look. You’ll also find three new co-op missions to take on with your squad, so get your fit figured out and then hop into online mode with some friends.

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