[Update: Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was originally thought to be quitting Fortnite entirely over stream sniping, but the streamer has clarified that he will “always play to some capacity” in a tweet:

This is completely false. Love Fortnite and will always play it to some capacity. https://t.co/DxNV0YTs5u— Ninja (@Ninja) February 12, 2021

The original story with update detailed that reflect this new information continues below.]

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins may be moving on from Fortnite over stream snipers, the game that garnered him his initial streaming fame, though he won’t be quitting entirely. After a series of stream snipes in his last casual dabble with the sandbox title, he went on a rant that disavowed the game and stream snipers.

Blevins’ streaming career kicked off a little over seven years ago, but he rose to prominence on Twitch as a prolific Fortnite streamer, eventually becoming one of the most recognizable and successful streamers in v buck generator world. He’s credited with bringing Fortnite even greater success, and was eventually immortalized in-game with his very own official custom skin. At the height of his extremely lucrative career, Blevins was frequently associated with Fortnite and vice versa, and his fanbase expanded by leaps and bounds during his tenure as a competitive Fortnite streamer.