In somewhat unsurprising news, the inescapable mega-hit Fortnite, is coming to next-gen consoles. Developer Epic Games recently confirmed that its 300 million players strong battle royale sensation will be available on both PS5 and Xbox Series X at launch. Yet, much like with Cyberpunk 2077, the Fortnite PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade will be split into two different phases. Let’s break down when exactly those phases will be rolled out, and what you can expect from the Fortnite PS5 and Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S upgrades.

The first Fortnite PS5 and Xbox Series upgrade

Epic has confirmed that Fortnite will be playable on both PS5 and Xbox Series consoles from day one. As players might expect, Epic has also revealed that all progress and purchases will carry over to the new consoles, and that the games will even support cross-play across generations. All your progression and purchases will be available to you as well. Get the best Xbox Series X deals before anyone else!

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For launch, Epic has not confirmed what enhancements players can expect from their new consoles, only that it will be the Unreal Engine 4 version of the game. This means it is likely that players can just get system-level improvements. 

Epic has, however, confirmed that they are working on a more substantial next-gen update for the battle royale behemoth coming in 2021.

The second Fortnite PS5 and Xbox Series upgrade

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As we mentioned, currently, Fortnite runs on Epic’s industry-leading game engine, Unreal Engine 4. Yet in a recent blog post on the company’s site, the developer and publisher has confirmed that it will be bringing Unreal Engine 5 support to Fortnite in 2021.

“Epic will release Fortnite, built with UE4, on next-gen consoles at launch and, in keeping with the team’s commitment to prove out industry-leading features through internal production, migrate the game to UE5 in mid-2021,” the company stated in a blog post.

The developer was keen to stress that this would not be an entirely new version of the game, however: “This is not a new version of Fortnite. It’s Fortnite optimized to take advantage of the new hardware and features on next-gen consoles,” Epic explained. “How will Fortnite take advantage of next-gen console hardware? While we can’t share specifics at the moment, more powerful hardware will allow us to improve performance and visuals.”

Just like with Fortnite on existing platforms, the 2021 next-gen update will continue to be free to play. With Unreal Engine 5 being Epic’s big new bet for video games, and Fortnite being its flagship franchise, you can bet that the colourful multiplayer game will take full advantage of the engine’s bells and whistles.