Rome: Total War fans are getting nostalgic over the remaster’s tactical jank

Hopefully you’ve all had some time to play Total War: Rome Remastered over the weekend. The Rome: Total War remaster has been lovingly reforged by Feral Interactive to give you one of the most loved Total War games almost exactly as you remember it, working on modern machines.

There have been more than a few changes, but the essence of Rome: Total War is still there, as is its most endearing quality – the utter jank that’s possible in the tactical battles. We allude to this a bit in our Total War: Rome Remastered review, but the original game enabled some very… special kind of tactics. Tactics that largely don’t work anymore in more modern Total War releases.

Sitting Pikeman in front of a bridge or gate and going for a cup of tea, abusing AI positioning so that it does something stupid. My personal favourite was always sending out cavalry to attack unsupported siege engines and then watching as the AI impotently tried to assault my cities without them. It’s one of those facets of the game’s original design that never escalated to become a problem, just a way for you to perform heroic acts of defiance in a way that made you feel all warm and fuzzy.

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