Humble Choice games for May have been revealed

It’s a brand new month, which means there’s another sack full of games on offer as part of Humble Choice, the online retailer’s recurring subscription service. This month’s selection includes the well-timed addition of FPS game Metro Exodus, which is getting a souped up enhanced edition in just a couple of days.

Metro Exodus is definitely May’s headliner for the Humble Choice bundle. It’s the conclusion to the three-game story of Artyom, one of Moscow’s survivors of a nuclear holocaust who has lived along with the remainder of humanity in the city’s subway system for all of his adult life. In Exodus, you’ll venture above the surface on a trip across Russia aboard a train Artyom and his fellow Spartan soldiers have commandeered, searching for answers in an irradiated and hostile world.

It’s the perfect time to get into Metro Exodus, in fact. While it originally launched in early 2019, it’s getting an enhanced edition as a free upgrade this week. The enhanced edition, which comes out May 6, is a separate download from the original version of the game – and that’s because it requires a graphics card that can handle ray tracing.

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