Here’s Doom on a holographic display, so you can literally peek around corners

What if Doom was 3D? Okay, yes, I know, the original Doom was already an innovator in the world of 3D games, following up on Wolfenstein 3D with the proof that FPS games were here to stay, but I mean actual 3D, in the hologram sense. Well, now developers have gotten Doom running on a holographic display, so you can really check out every corner of E1M1.

Jan Kaiser posted a video of Doom running on a Looking Glass holographic display to Twitter earlier this week, and it’s a pretty impressive showcase of the technology. Looking around the display lets you examine the game world from a load of different angles, so if you’ve walked up to a pillar, as in the video, you can literally peek around it.

I’m not going to pretend to fully understand how a Looking Glass display works, but it apparently projects all its displayed angles out at once – so if two people are looking at the screen at the same time, they’ll each see different angles as appropriate. This Doom prototype was built by German tech company Hapto.

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