EU4: Paradox’s head of comms commits to overhauling forum moderation

The whirlwind of response in the wake of Europa Universalis IV’s Leviathan expansion and 1.31 update has not abated over the weekend. Last Friday we reported how the Hearts of Iron team spoke out regarding the nature of the feedback they were often receiving on Paradox’s forums, as did former Paradox CEO Frederik Wester.

This in turn has sparked additional responses from various parts of the community, many of whom reject the notion that they are behaving in a ‘toxic’ way. There are already examples of community members either targeting specific employees and/or groups within Paradox over the recent controversy, as well as reacting negatively towards members of the company’s community team. Loïc Fontaine, Paradox’s head of communications, has now stepped in and announced some changes the company is going to implement with regard to how it interacts with the fans moving forward.

Fontaine’s address to the community – which you can read here – attempts to highlight the complex nuance of the situation and the “vicious cycle” that’s led to much of the current hostility.

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