Fortnite pros and their cheating accusations

Fortnite battle royale controversies never seem to stop. The accusations become dirty when it comes to players getting banned, or teammates cheating. That is exactly what is happening in the community right now. Most professional players and streamers are accusing each other of using foul means. Even the sanctity of tournaments is not being spared.

Most of it started with players not being fair in tournaments. At the same time, competitive players were blaming the servers used for tourneys. Accusations of using aimbot have probably never been more frequent before. Even free v bucks generator the world champion Bugha faced the same accusation. However, as unfounded it may seem, it is still a bad tag added to their image.

Liquid Cented updated his tweet and now several other players are following it. Yesterday, we saw Bugha being accused, today, he insinuated someone is cheating in the Bugha Throwback cup.

Fortnite pros and their cheating accusations

For a professional player who does this for a living, the accusation of cheating can be quite drastic. First and foremost, most of these pros are quite young. The backlash and the toxic language they face from the community can get disturbing. This happens almost all the time, even before the evidence is verified. Thus, several young pro gamers go through the worst of times, even though they had nothing to do with it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the world champ, or a pro, or just some random player. Everyone gets accused of cheating in Fortnite. When it comes to accusations, FaZe Clan members have a long history with it. Especially with members like Dubs, Jarvis – one was pulled through the mud, and the other banned. FaZe Sway decided to come up with a screenshot on twitter about a permanent ban.episode hack


Fortnite announce Black Manta’s arrival

Fortnite Galaxy Cup is almost over, and today is the last chance Battle Royale players can try to win the Scout skin. The Fortnite Galaxy Cup sees Samsung and Epic Games team-up to launch an in-game competition for Android owners only. So iOS users will miss out on the Fortnite Galaxy Cup, meaning the Scout skin on offer will be exclusive to Android and in-demand for millions of Apple fans.



The Fortnite Galaxy Cup began yesterday (Saturday July 25), with the final day of the competition being held today (Sunday July 26).

All players who take part in at least five Fortnite Galaxy Cup games will be rewarded with the Scout Wrap.

While the top-performing players for each day have the chance to win a Fortnite Scount skin.

The daily regional winners will be determined as follows – Europe: Top 10,000, NA-East: Top 7,500, NA-West: Top 2,500, Latin America: Top 2,500, Asia: Top 1,250, Middle East: Top 1,250, Oceania: Top 1,250.

The Fortnite Galaxy Cup will run for three hours today and players may participate in a maximum of ten matches.

Details on the start time for the Fortnite Galaxy Cup can be found in-game for your region.

Fortnite announce Black Manta’s arrival

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Outlining more details about the Fortnite v bucks generator Galaxy Cup online, Epic Games said: “The Galaxy Cup competition is open to all eligible Android players using Fortnite-supported devices. Players will also need to make sure Two-Factor Authentication is enabled on their Epic account. For full details, read the Galaxy Cup Official Rules.

“During the Galaxy Cup, the top-performing players for each day will have the opportunity to earn the Galaxy Scout Outfit. All players who participate in a minimum of five games will be awarded the Star Scout Wrap.”

They added: “Download Fortnite today on your Android device and start practicing!

“If you have a Samsung device, you can download Fortnite from the Galaxy Store.

Fortnite Galaxy Cup

The Fortnite Galaxy Cup is running today (July 26) for three hours in each region (Image: EPIC GAMES)


“Check out the Android section of the Fortnite FAQ for additional download and device compatibility information.

“If you’re new to playing Fortnite on Android, check out our Fortnite mobile starter guide — including tips on getting started with your preferred gaming controller.

“For full Galaxy Cup tournament details in your region, drop into Fortnite on your Android device and head to the “Compete” tab in-game.

“We’ll see you on July 25 and 26 for the tournament!”


who is better known in the video gaming world as Ninja

When Tyler Blevins, who is better known in the video gaming world as Ninja, posted a cryptic tweet on Wednesday that seemed to hint at some sort of announcement, his ardent fans thought he might reveal the kind of big-dollar contract one would expect from baseball or basketball stars.

Instead, Mr. Blevins, who was left without an online home when the streaming platform Mixer announced in June that it would shut down, played video games live on YouTube and promised fans that more streams were coming “sooner rather than later.”

That Mr. Blevins could generate a flurry of speculation with one tweet speaks to the influence of one of the world’s most famous online personalities and to the increasing popularity of high-profile gamers. Mr. Blevins has said in interviews he would like to be as well known as the basketball star LeBron James.

On Wednesday, the 10th anniversary of the day Mr. James decided to sign with the Miami Heat, Mr. Blevins did the first livestream on his own YouTube channel. He appeared with electric blue hair alongside friends and played the popular game Fortnite. At its peak, more than 160,000 people tuned into Mr. Blevins’s 97-minute stream.

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Fans and gaming news sites were initially quick to declare that Mr. Blevins had permanently landed on YouTube, but many pumped the brakes when it became unclear whether Mr. Blevins had signed a deal with the company.

Loyalists to Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming platform, had begged Mr. Blevins to “come home” to the service fortnite v bucks generator which he used as he rocketed to stardom several years ago before he signed a deal with Mixer, which is owned by Microsoft.

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Mr. Blevins, who has said he makes more than $500,000 a month from streaming, has more than 14 million followers on Twitch — the most on the platform — despite not being active there since he left for Mixer last summerreportedly making $20 million to $30 million in the process.

He has nearly 24 million YouTube subscribers, though he said on his stream that he had never gone live on YouTube before Wednesday.

If Mr. Blevins does choose to stream exclusively on YouTube, it could provide a boost for YouTube’s gaming push. The platform recently signed the contentious star Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, to an exclusive contract, but trails Twitch over all in the fight to dominate the live gaming industry.

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“The power in the livestreaming gaming industry has gradually shifted from the platforms to the creators,” said Doron Nir, the chief executive of the livestreaming services provider StreamElements, “since they now have more options for where to build their brand.”

Representatives for Mr. Blevins did not respond to a request for comment.

“We welcome any content from him,” said Talia Yates, a spokeswoman for YouTube, adding that the company would continue to work with Mr. Blevins to increase his presence on YouTube. She would not say whether Mr. Blevins had struck a deal with YouTube, which is owned by Google.

Mr. Nir said he would not be surprised if Mr. Blevins avoided limiting himself to a single platform.

“While lucrative exclusivity deals are commonplace,” he said, “we expect to see the rise of transcendent creators. These are individuals who are able to be bigger than any one platform with the freedom to reach a much broader audience by leveraging all of them. Oprah, Ellen and Bill Simmons have all exemplified the benefit of not tethering themselves to a single platform, and Ninja can easily follow suit.


Fortnite has released the first major patch of Chapter 2 Season 3 this morning.

Fortnite has released the first major patch of Chapter 2 Season 3 this morning.

The new patch is going to be the last one before the Fortnite developers take a break for two weeks this Friday.

So, with two weeks before the next update, this one is chalked full of content!

Here’s everything included in the new patch!

Contents hide
1 Full Patch Notes
2 New Weapons
3 Captain America Skin?
4 Deployable Workbench
5 LTM’s

Full Patch Notes
In classic Epic Games fashion, they have free v buck generator not provide detailed patch notes!

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However, the night before the update went live, they sent out some minor patch notes to creators.

Thanks to HYPEX we are able to get a closer look at the new update.

Check out all the details below.

1320 Pn 1
SWEET – New stuff to use in Fortnite!
Highlights include:

Flare Gun
Deployable Workbench
LTM’s are coming back
Possible Captain America Skin
New Weapons
Teased in a Twitter post late last night, many players expected what was coming in this update.

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One of the newest weapons introduced into the loot pool is the long awaited Flare Gun.

This comes after the teaser trailer showcased free v bucks generator last year, and players have been expecting a Flare Gun in the game since.

Check out some images and details of the Flare Gun below, courtesy of FNBRHQ!

Flare Gun 2
HOT – This gun is too hot to handle!
“Rarity: Rare
Clip Size: 6
Max Ammo: 20
Bullets Used Per Shot: 1
Reload Time: 1.5 Seconds
Firing Rate: 0.39
Damage: 60″
Stats for the Flare Gun are via FNBRHQ.

Captain America Skin?
Teased at the end of the above patch notes, which HYPEX provided us. It appears Epic may have teased a new skin coming soon!

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With the fourth of July this weekend, what other hero fits that mold?

Be sure to stayed tuned on social media for any news/leaks!


Deployable Workbench
The benches that players are able to use around the map to upgrade/sidegrade their weapons, is becoming mobile.


The creator of the wildly popular online video game Fortnite

The creator of the wildly popular online video game Fortnite has removed images of police cars in its most recent edition, reported The Wall Street Journal.Advertisement00:0607:51

Amid ongoing Black Lives Matter demonstrations born out of the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody, Epic Games has pulled the images, which only served to liven up the background.

“Recent events are a heavy reminder of ongoing injustices in society, from the denial of basic human rights to the impact of racism both overt and subtle against people of color,” the company wrote on a June 3 blog entry. “The team is eager to move Fortnite forward, but we need to balance the Season 3 launch with time for the team to focus on themselves, their families and their communities.”

Epic Games often releases new Fortnite seasons to keep players interested, but the debut of its latest installment was delayed a few weeks to June 17, ostensibly in light of the global protests.[More Entertainment] ‘Riverdale’ actors come to defense of accused castmates »

Since Floyd’s death, many companies and organizations have responded to demonstrators’ pleas for racial equality.

In a June 6 video, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell apologized for ignoring peaceful protests by league players actively taking a knee during the playing of the fortnite v bucks generator national anthem. One name glaringly not mentioned in the apology was Colin Kaepernick.[More Entertainment] ‘Riverdale’ actors come to defense of accused castmates »

President Trump notably told a crowd in 2017 that NFL players who refuse to stand for the anthem should lose their jobs.

“Get that son of a bitch off the field right now,” said Trump at the Huntsville, Ala., rally. “Out! He’s fired! He’s fired!”

Last week, Quaker Oats announced it would be rebranding Aunt Jemima packaging “to make progress toward racial equality” and Eskimo Pie maker Dreyer’s said it was retiring the offensive name.


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