While Fortnite takes their player safety quite seriously

Jarvis “Jarvis” Kaye has a colorful past with the Fortnite community. The young Faze Clan member’s platform could be mainly attributed to the exploding popularity of a new BR game combined with his mechanical prowess on the sticks

In November of last year, Jarvis effectively threw all of his hard work in the gutter after posting a video of himself hacking in Fortnite. He would later post a video to YouTube explaining his lack of awareness

The teary-eyed video did it’s intended job to sway public opinion. Players quickly acted, calling for Epic Games to show leniency during the weeks passing. But the Fortnite developers reiterated their zero tolerance stance against cheaters irrespective of communal status. Plus if they let Jarvis off the hook – wouldn’t they be indirectly condoning the behaviour?

Fast forward to today, almost a whole year later. Despite multiple behind the scenes pleas from Jarvis and Faze Clan, the player is still banned. The assumption free v bucks generator was that Jarvis pretty much moved on from Fortnite; his YouTube content is centered around his personality and not any particular video game

Jarvis took to Twitter to announce he would be streaming Fortnite again despite the active banned status

It’s been nearly a year since Epic banned me.

Tonight @ 6PM PST I’m playing Fortnite for the first time back on Twitch. See you there.— FaZe Jarvis (@liljarviss) September 11, 2020

Some thought he was trolling. Others warned that he would get banned on the spot. Regardless, Jarvis followed through with his plans and went live at exactly 6PM PST for a quick Fortnite stream

PLAYING FORTNITE LIVE— FaZe Jarvis (@liljarviss) September 12, 2020

The stream was quick – but it wasn’t because of Jarvis. Fortnite was quick to ban Jarvis once again despite his efforts to mask his identity, lobby, and map

for those who missed— miles ?? (@spinnermiles) September 12, 2020

Jarvis lasted a good 15 minutes before he got one pumped by the Fortnite developers. Banned players are not allowed to play on alternative accounts and streaming the terms of service violation is a surefire way to get shut down

While Fortnite takes their player safety quite seriously, some theories suggest that Jarvis wasn’t actually breaking any rules. It’s possible he was simply live streaming pre recorded footage of a player getting banned after a few games meaning the entire situation is a hoax

I doubt that Jarvis is that short-sighted to permanently burn a potentially repairable bridge with Epic Games. He’s also on Faze Clan, an organization which holds an active Fortnite roster. Everything smells a little too fishy for me to blindly believe

We’ll keep you updated on this developing situation


ngoing legal battle with Apple over Fortnite’s removal from the App Store

Epic Games’ ongoing legal battle with Apple over Fortnite’s removal from the App Store may stretch on for the foreseeable future, and CEO Tim Sweeney is having a little fun while the process plays out. The developer took an unusual tact recently, promoting PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds–a rival battle royale game–to demonstrate the value of Unreal Engine for Apple users. It looks like this battle is going to get a lot weirder before it’s over. That is, if it ever does end.

On August 28, Apple promoted a massive new update for PUBG Mobile on iOS, one of the biggest battle royale competitors to Fortnite (which just received its Season 4 update on platforms other than iOS). While Epic Games might normally see PUBG Mobile as its competition, the game does make use of Epic’s Unreal Engine–which Apple attempted to cut off updates to on iOS and Mac–so Sweeney decided to promote the game, as well.

While waiting for Apple to #FreeFortnite on iOS and Mac, here’s another awesome battle royale game powered by Unreal Engine!— Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) August 28, 2020

The passive-aggressive nature of the tweet certainly isn’t lost on us, because if Apple does eventually cease Unreal Engine support on its devices, that would likely fortnite v bucks generator impact PUBG Mobile. Unreal is one of the most popular engines in the world, with support on nearly every device including mobile, PC, and consoles. It’s not only used for its own games, but has been modified over the years by other studios to fit their projects. Unreal Engine 5 will be supported on next-generation systems.

Epic Games’ shots at Apple have continued with its Free Fortnite campaign and tournament. It also gave away assets so players can make their own Free Fortnite merchandise, even giving permission for them to sell it. As the logo parodies one of Apple’s earlier designs, it seems Epic is trying to win in the court of public opinion if it can’t actually win its lawsuit.

And despite not being as successful as Fortnite, PUBG Mobile has managed to carve out a healthy niche. Its 1.0 update will include major improvements across the board, and a new competition is going to award $2 million in prizes. Unlike Fortnite, it doesn’t offer cross-play with PC or console players and is technically a separate game. If you haven’t already played it, PUBG is now a free PlayStation Plus game for those with a PS4. Plus members can claim it now and keep it for as long as their subscription is active.